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The Hand
We Are Dealt

Historical novel based on a true story

Anna stopped counting the times she fell. Now she would take a stand…

Anna Onisko has grown up under the shadow of her tyrannical stepfather. Now in her teens she is determined to escape him and fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher. But this is Uzhhorod, Czechoslovakia, the year is 1938 and the Hungarian occupation is about to tear Anna’s life apart. Through wartime dangers and family betrayal, Anna has to find the strength to make impossible choices and protect those she loves even if it means sacrificing everything she cares about.

Based on the true story of a woman of courage.

From memoirs to a full-length historical novel

"Anna’s story is here to remind us of those who have lost their identity, homeland, language or more due to the war eighty years ago, and the war happening in front of our own eyes even today."

Who is Robert Bordas?

A recently retired man pursuing his lifelong dream – writing.

‘The Hand We Are Dealt’ is his first published novel. 

Robert Bordas
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What are the first readers saying about 'The Hand We Are Dealt'?

“What I really enjoyed in this history novel is the brand new perspective it offered me on the conflict. […] The war was in the background really. Here and never far. I loved discovering how people far from the front were impacted by it in their daily lives. […] There was something deep and real in this novel. This was what made this novel beautiful to me.


Amazon, Booksirens and Goodreads reviewer

The author’s intimate knowledge of Anna’s life aids in telling the story of her courage, tenacity and strength through hardship. Her story is both heartbreaking and hopeful. I hope there is a sequel in the future. […] I loved this book so much I ordered two physical copies. One for myself and one to giveaway!”


Amazon, Goodreads and Instagram reviewer

“Beautiful book! Story of a young girl building her own family in times when history was rewritten and borders were changing. Heartbreaking. Enjoyed every page.


GoodReads reviewer

“Robert Bordas’ novel is based on a real life story. Family history of a simple woman. Which is much more humane and truer than stories about military leaders, battles, economic or political movements.”


GoodReads reviewer